How to Quickly Adjust



April 16
11am PT (2pm ET) 

What you'll get out of the webinar

As the majority of the world shifts to a remote work model, how do you set your sellers up for success? How do you shift your sales approach to ensure you’re leading engaging and interactive sales meetings that capture and hold buyers’ attention? And what tools and technologies can help you ease the transition from in-person to remote selling and convince your buyers to say “yes!”?


Join our webinar for five tips to evolve your existing sales strategy for remote selling success. In this session, we’ll cover:

  • How to ditch your static PowerPoint presentation and start creating interactive content

  • How to help your buyers financially justify the purchase of your product or service

  • How to effectively onboard and train a remote salesforce 

  • How to create more impactful sales content and reduce marketing spend at the same time

  • How to get started today - with or without budget